Tapes + Wraps Pack
Tapes + Wraps Pack
Tapes + Wraps Pack
Tapes + Wraps Pack
Tapes + Wraps Pack
Tapes + Wraps Pack

Tapes + Wraps Pack

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Get the Most Used Tapes + Wraps in One Pack

Save money when you bundle together a roll of Self-Stick Wrap, Kinesiology Tape, Athletic Tape, Elastic Bandage, and Underwrap. Get a variety AND a bargain!

      • Self-Stick Wrap (cohesive bandage)
        • Large Roll (2 inches wide by 15 feet long)
        • Flexible Non-Stick, Self-Adherent, Pressure Wrap Gauze Bandage
        • Medical Grade • Latex-Free • Sterilized • FDA Inspected and Cleared
      • Kinesiology Tape
        • Rehabilitation Tape for Muscle Pain and Sports Injuries
        • Latex-Free
        • 2 inches wide by 16 feet long
      • Athletic Tape
        • Large Rolls (1.5 inches by 10 yards)
        • Flash-Aid Athletic Tape is high performance tape with strong adhesion and rigid support
        • Latex-free tape made with zinc oxide to provide superior strength, support, and conformability
        • Ideal for supporting joints and muscles in the knees, ankles, wrists, and elbows - Helps to provide stability during exercise
      • Elastic Bandage
        • Compare to ACE Bandage
        • No Clips Needed • Hook and Loop Closure (compare to Velcro) holds bandage in place
        • Provides light to moderate support and compression to muscles and joints
        • Ideal for wrapping injuries and sprains to muscles and joints, providing compression on swelling or wounds, and holding ice packs in place
        • Made in North America • Highest Quality Cotton • Latex-Free Washable and Reusable
      • Underwrap
        • XL Rolls (3 inches by 12 yards)