Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit
Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit

Nosebleed Stop Bleeding Care Kit

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The best combination of products to help stop nose bleeds!
Stop the nosebleed quickly and get back to doing what you want to do.

CONTAINS: AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze (2 Large 2" x 2" pad) - BleedCEASE (2 individual packages) - NoseAid Nose Clip 

STOP BLEEDING QUICK LIKE THE PROS! AllaQuix® Stop Bleeding Gauze - FDA Reviewed and Cleared - No Prescription Needed - For Everyone and All Ages including people who have trouble stopping bleeding - Ideal for people on blood thinners Professional-Grade Product - Used by Surgeons and Hemophilia Treatment Centers

TRY FOR YOURSELF AND SEE: Try a variety of products to see what works best for you



This kit exclusively contains our advanced wound care gauze pad. AllaQuix® is FDA cleared for use by non-medical professionals for management of minor topical bleeding wounds such as minor abrasions and minor skin lacerations. AllaQuix® is designed to work for all people who have trouble stopping bleeding, even people with bleeding and clotting disorders, and people on blood thinners.



As soon as BleedCEASE® comes in contact with blood, calcium ions are released. Calcium is a clotting factor, which accelerates coagulation, stopping the nosebleed quickly.

EASY/PAINLESS INSERTION: The soft fibers of BleedCEASE® allow it to be quickly and easily inserted into the nasal cavity without any discomfort.

ABSORBS BLOOD: BleedCEASE® continues to absorb blood throughout the duration of the nosebleed. This allows the nosebleed sufferer to insert BleedCEASE® and forget about it until recommended removal, thirty minutes later.

NON-STICK REMOVAL: Since the BleedCEASE® packing changes into a moist or gelified mass, it does not stick to new clots. This helps prevent resistance and pulling on clots during removal.



NoseAid is a first-of-its-kind external device for the treatment for simple nosebleeds. NoseAid is a noseclip that is placed on the outside, soft portion of the nose. This immediately stops bleeding and allows the body's normal clotting process to prevent further bleeding. NoseAid was effective in patients from age 3 to 73. NoseAid is not for use on infants less than one year of age. NoseAid is FDA approved.



FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCIES: seek professional help. Read all instructions and cautions included in the package. 

SAFETY There are no known contraindications, so AllaQuix® can be used by everyone. AllaQuix® can be used for all ages. AllaQuix® is made from chitosan, which is derived from shellfish. Individuals with known shellfish allergies should use caution in the use of any product containing chitosan