Emergency Rescue Blankets - 6-Pack

Emergency Rescue Blankets - 6-Pack

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Whether you are in a desert or a tundra, you need an Emergency Blanket to keep you warm. Whether you're stuck outside or just at a sporting event, the Emergency Blanket will come in handy. This mylar emergency rescue blanket will keep your warm whenever and wherever. 

Keeps Body Heat In

The Emergency Blanket works to keep your body heat in. With mylar, a material developed by NASA, the Emergency Blanket can retain up to 80% of your body heat keeping you warm in even the most dire situations. 

Even Use for Shade

The Emergency Blanket even works to keep you cool and out of the sun. This blanket is a necessity year-round with its many features. Keep comfortable with the Emergency Blanket!

✔️ 84" x 52" Folded to Compact Size ✔️ Waterproof
✔️ High-quality Material ✔️ Windproof
✔️ Affordable ✔️ Use for Shade
✔️ Accessible to All ✔️ Retains up to 90% of Body Heat
✔️ Reusable ✔️ Material Developed by NASA