Kinesiology Tape - Case of 36

Kinesiology Tape - Case of 36

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Rehabilitation Tape

  • Rehabilitation Tape for Muscle Pain and Sports Injuries
  • Latex-Free (2 in. wide by 16 1/3 ft long)
  • Performance & Comfort: Get the Performance You Want without the uncomfortable, bulky braces with Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape to support your muscles and joints, and provide pain relief
  • Comfort & Flexibility: Replicates the human skin, with a stretch capability of up to 170% similar to human skin, and a similar weight and thickness Stretches in two directions
  • Lasting: Ultra-Durable and Extra Strong, but Easy to cut Ultra-Lightweight and Comfortable to wear
  • Non-Suffocating: Latex-free and hypoallergenic permeable to air and moisture water-resistant

Get the support you need so you can get the performance you want. Elevate your game without using the cumbersome and uncomfortable braces.  Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape is designed to provide pain relief and support without being restrictive and uncomfortable to wear like many of the tapes, braces, and sleeves.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, an everyday athlete, a world-class pro, or an Olympian, Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape can provide the muscle, ligament, and tendon pain relief and support your need to excel!

What is Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape?

Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape is designed to enhance performance and recovery.  Unlike regular compression garments and tapes, Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape can be used both to apply compression to promote recovery, or decompression to relieve pain and swelling.  Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape is a strong, elastic athletic tape that may reduce muscle pain, increase mobility, and enhance athletic performance. Flash-Aid Kinesiology Tape provides relief and support for muscles and joints.  Kinesiology tape has been used by healthcare professionals such as orthopedics, chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers for over thirty years.