Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap - Case of 36

Self-Stick Cohesive Wrap - Case of 36

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Stop wasting time and money on tape that either sticks to what you don't want to stick to you, or doesn't stick at all. Our Self-Stick Wrap is Self-AdherentFlexibleNon-stickLatex-freeMedical Grade, and is FDA Inspected and Cleared. This Pressure Wrap Gauze Bandage Large Roll is 15 feet long and 2 inches wide compacted.

  • Self-Adherent: The Self-Stick Wrap is the best way to hold anything on the body. This wrap works like tape but only sticks to itself. This does not stick to skin, hair, or clothing. Eliminates the need for tape, pins, and clips.
  • Ideal for ANY Skin: The Self-Stick Wrap is even ideal for people with fragile skin or skin that tears easily. Use instead of adhesive bandages or tape. Will NOT irritate skin like adhesives or tape can
  • Ideal for Active People: Wrap stays in place. No need for frequent adjustments. Supports and provides compression to ankles, knees, wrists, and elbows
  • Comfortable: This wrap is comfortable, gentle, and easy to remove PAINLESSLY! The Self-Stick Wrap is also breathable, lightweight, and comfortable! Leaves no sticky residue on skin.

Unlike other wraps or tape, Flash-Aid Self-Stick Wrap sticks to itself without adhesive or clips, stay in place with minimal slippage, will not stick to skin or hair, and can be adjusted quickly and easily. Flash-Aid Self-Stick Wrap functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself.


Fast and easy to apply • Easily adjustable and conformable to body contours • Comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and water resistant • Delivers controlled compression • Reduces swelling • Provides flexibility and cushioning • Hypoallergenic • Does not irritate skin



Secure gauze, bandages, or other wound dressings on fragile skin, or on difficult-to-dress areas such as the head, fingers, or toes Immobilize limbs for splints and casts • Provide support for sprains and strains • Secure hot/cold packs and other devices to the body

Safety Information


  1. When used as a component in a compression wrap system, it is important to ensure adequate arterial blood flow to avoid injury secondary to decreased circulation. Flash-Aid Self-Stick Wrap should be used as a component of a compression wrap system only under the supervision of a wound care specialist. 2. Do Not Reuse. Reuse may result in compromising product integrity and / or lead to device failure.


Flash-Aid Self-Stick Wrap is intended for use as an elastic wrap to provide compression or support, or to secure dressings or devices.


Legal Disclaimer

For medical emergencies, seek professional help. Read all instructions and cautions included in the package.



  1. Unwind approximately 12 inches of wrap and allow the wrap to relax.
  2. Without stretching, apply one full wrap and overlap. Press overlapped area lightly to keep the end in place.
  3. Proceed with wrapping, applying tension to the wrap only to obtain desired compression. Always unwind more wrap from the roll before making a wrap so that the product is not applied with too much tension.
  4. When application is complete, cut off excess wrap. Secure the end of the application by gently pressing.