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Triangular Bandages (Arm Slings) - Pack of 6

Triangular Bandages (Arm Slings) - Pack of 6

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Control Bleeding among other uses

These Triangular Bandages can be used as a wound dressing to control bleeding or even as an arm sling! Be prepared and stay safe with our Triangular Bandages. Our Triangular Bandages include two safety pins to hold the bandage in place. Asides from controlling bleeding and using one of these bandages as a sling, you can use these for many other things such as padding, support, or help immobilize injured body parts. Size: 38” x 38” x 54”

✔️ Control Bleeding ✔️ Includes Safety Pins
✔️ Use as Arm Sling ✔️ Use as Support
✔️ Use as Padding ✔️ Use to Help Immobilize Injured Body Pats