The PERFECT First Aid Kit List for All Ages (includes Downloadable Checklist)

It is unbelievable how frequently we get the question, "What is the perfect list for a first aid kit?" when we already have them made for you!

Well, as you can believe, it depends on what you want to get out of your first aid kit. There are many different kinds of people out there, all in great need of a first aid kit that suits them.

We have accomplished the great feat of finding a first aid kit meant for ANYBODY! A few examples of these groups are:

1. The Athlete

As an athlete, you agree to the possibility of injuries and mishaps. This is why you must be prepared at all times!

2. The Adventurer

Yes! Adventures are fun! Except those to the emergency room... be prepared with some of your own supplies!

3. The Prepared

The tough people. These are the people who have gone through things and are the REAL survivors. They know disaster strikes and they STRIVE to be prepared!

4. The Coach / Organization

Knowing they are in charge of the safety of many people and are entrusted with the well-being of people with families and people who care about them, they make the smart decision and are as responsible as possible with the UNLIMITED supplies with our Team Solution. They are prepared for almost anything life throws at them and with handle it responsibly.

For the ultimate kit used for an athletean adventurersomeone who is just prepared, and the coach/organization here's what we suggest

and of course, AllaQuix: the world's best wound-care to stop bleeding quick! 

Download a checklist with all these items here!